Fundamental analysis in detail

Fundamental analysis is one that apart from the values ​​represented in graphs or indexes, studying the market landscape deepening financial and political environment. For example, consider the factors surrounding the changes in the currency of a particular country, such as supply and demand, products and services, exports and imports, government policy, economic movements and history of behavior of certain assets and predictions that based on them is performed during certain time periods.

Fundamental analysis in detail
On these aspects is a fundamental analyst working trader in trading binary options. Most traders who perform fundamental analysis use it to get a glimpse of the trend or general economic outlook is more frequent respect to currencies or indices, then technical analysis focuses only on data
Considers that surrounds assets:


Among the most important factors affecting the value of a currency are the political and economic changes in the country. Traders take this information from various news sources to keep abreast of forecasts for economic indicators such as employment situation, inflation, interest rates of Central Banks or political decisions.
They have an effect on the statements of politicians and economists of market relevance, such as statements of the president of a Central Bank official data yet to be (to expand read more factors affecting the exchange rate between currencies).
Many traders use fundamental analysis that delves into economic theory, finance, feeding not only graphics but also political news and financial indices. Especially when large companies listed on the financial market with companies shares or indices; Fundamentalists traders publications studying them to see if their values ​​have fallen or pointed upward; and that based on these facts will decide what their next trading strategies will be.

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