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Although binary mode operations that perform some successful traders are based on a strategy called fundamental analysis, it is necessary to consider certain factors about it that make it one, though no less effective tool rather slow.
Precisely in relation to their effectiveness in the time it takes it is to be considered when implementing it or dismiss it; so many technical analysts say is its main flaw is not as fast as in technical trading results.

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It is clear that what is known as the key to what is traditional operations can be an important tool to decide what to do when investing as for example with the global economy or some materials like gold or analysis oil based on supply and demand or on valuation or under valuation.
Subjectivity as a stumbling block

The fundamental analysis is based on studies that go beyond the indicators in the graphics, which by its very technicality throwing error lower margins compared with a study to develop a strategy founded on social, behaviors assets long term; but not enough time.
There are cases where fundamental traders fall into subjectivity to develop strategies; and eye, one can not compare with impulsivity subjectivity; if this is a mistake.
A fundamentalist trader sometimes overlooked that this strategy is sometimes not too effective when imbalances between the underlying assets and their behavior are remarkable.
Fundamental analysis requires a slower approach, even if more data where a strategy based, takes longer to be developed. If you know this and consider that binary options are usually investment transactions especially in the short term where the maturity thereof may be even within minutes, you can reach the simple conclusion that ultimately the fundamental analysis does not It has too much importance on what are binary options.

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